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August 2020

Abide With Me, a short play adapted for Zoom, was performed at the AWL Zoom meeting on 10th August.

The Cast of Abide With Me



PENNY GRAY - Robin Miller
THE VICAR - Edmund Dehn
ROBIN PETTIGREW - David Hampshire
OLIVIA LEACOCK - Joan Blackham

Directed by David Hampshire


Penny Thank the Lord he’s dead. Oh dear. That’s not what I should be thinking. Certainly not at his funeral, poor man. It’s not as if I disliked him. I didn’t. Not Lionel Leacock, the man. Although he did sometimes smell of dog and always wore an appalling tweed jacket. No, Lionel Leacock, the man, was perfectly harmless. But Lionel Leacock, the novelist … Good heavens above. I can’t begin to describe just how much I loathed him.