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November 2020

An Accounf of Six Poisonings, adapted as a monologue, was performed at the AWL Zoom meeting on 16th November.

Stephen Omer as the Court Poisoner



The Court Poisoner Stephen Omer

Directed by Maurice Thorogood


My sign was the pestle and mortar. My knowledge was roots and seeds, vines and leaves, bulbs and berries. I was a grinder, a blender, a crusher, a mulcher; I was a master of tubers. I mixed the tinctures and measured the powders that might cure or kill. A single grain may be the difference between health and death. Mine was a calling. A position of trust. I was the court’s poisoner.

An Account of Six Poisonings, written under the name of Nichol Wilmor, is published by Arachne Press in Weird Lies.