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November 2017

My piece of creative non-fiction At the House of Anton Pavlovich was published in the November issue of O:JA&L.

“Bishkek Sunset” by James Metelak @privitfotog


  • Unreliable stories of Stanislavski and Chekhov and the 'authenticity' question ...
    • "On hearing this, Chekhov is said to have resolved to write a play in which the characters explicity remark how very fortunate they are to live in a place where there are no mosquitoes to be found."
  • Visiting Chekhov's house in Moscow in the Cold War era ...
    • "Anton Pavlovich, she says. He love the people ..."
  • Three old (and probably apocryphal) theatre stories my father told me ...
    • "But of course, says the Stage Manager, on condition that, at the end of Act Three, you don't mind drinking reall poison."


At the House of Anton Pavlovich

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