> > As I Draw Near You Salisbury

October 2021

As I Draw Near You was one of six pieces performed in 'Short Cuts' at the Salisbury Fringe on 16th October.




ALISON - Tori Deffee
NIGEL - Dan Avery

Directed by Pete Talman & Andrew Thackeray

Alison: You answer the telephone. You light up a cigarette. Habit. Finish dinner. Light up a cigarette. Habit. And after sex, of course. We all smoked after sex.

Nigel: I didn’t.

Alison: Didn’t you?

Nigel: No.

Alison: Oh.

Nigel: I’ve never smoked.

Alison: Good for you. Why not?

Nigel: Why not?

Alison: Yes.

Nigel: I’ve never felt the need.

Alison: Really? You don’t know what you were missing.


To read the full script or enquire about licensing, please email: nwm.ridley@gmail.com