> > Baggage at the Rondo

April 2016

Baggage featured in Bath Drama's Three of a Kind at the Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath, from 13th to 16th April. 



A romantic comedy

Their last morning together. Or is it? Has the week that Hilary and Simon have spent together in Greece been a ‘holiday romance’ or something serious? They couldn’t be more different. Simon teaches English abroad and is, he admits, hopelessly unfocused and a wanderer. Hilary meanwhile is a high-powered business woman and a ‘completer finisher’. Having finished a relationship in England, is her time with Simon now completed? The moment has come to bare their souls and unload their emotional baggage. But Simon still has one important question which Hilary has been oddly reluctant to answer ...


♦ SIMON --- Matt Nation
♦ HILARY --- Phoebe Mulcahy
♦ MR LERIOS --- Thomas Menezes

Directed by Carolyn Csonka



To request a copy of the script or to enquire about performance rights
please email: nwm.ridley@gmail.com