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May 2016

My play Bee All, End All was performed at ADP Manchester's Scripts Aloud 'Marmite Night' at the King's Arms on 30th May.

'Bee All, End All' at the King's Head, Sale




ONE - Michael Loftus
TWO - Joe Matthew Morris
THREE - Dean Brammall
FOUR - JP Smith
FIVE - Ryan Gilmartin
SIX - Gavin Shankland
LILI - Emma Tierney

DIRECTED BY Kayleigh Hawkins


SIX: And then make no mistake, my friend, the time will come. That you can be sure of. We don't know when. We don't know why or how she makes her choice. Perhaps, when the mood takes her, she simply rolls a dice. That would make sense, wouldn't it? Dice have six faces and there are six of us here to choose from. Yes, I expect that's what she does. Shake, shake, shake. Let's see now. What is it? Oh, yes. It's 'Five'. And do you know what happens next ... ?



♦ Running time: approximately 15 minutes

♦ To request a copy of the script or enquire about performance rights email: