> > Buster in Paradise AWL

November 2018

Buster in Paradise was one of three pieces performed script-in-hand at AWL Hammersmith on 5th November.

Mansel David as Buster



A monologue



BUSTER - Mansel David

Sound by Terry Perkins

Directed by Martin Cort

Buster How is life in England these days? Eye-wateringly expensive. I know that. Can’t stand the place myself. Haven’t been back for years. The country’s gone to the dogs, hasn’t it? Giving away the Empire. Great mistake. The Gold Coast. Cyprus. India. The Argentine. All those gauchos, riding off into the sunset and not a word of thanks. Lost our currency, too. Pounds, shillings and pence. Florins and half-crowns. The thrupenny bit. Poor old England. (vehement) We ought never have given back Gibraltar.