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November 2020

My short story, Compliance, was published by Oxford-based publisher Fairlight Books on 12th November.




I look up at the clock on the wall. A quarter to nine. I wait for Miss Flood’s light knock on my door. I listen but hear nothing. I continue to wait. The world beyond my office is a muffled, soft-carpeted silence. My eyes have settled on the photograph of my mother and father. It stands by itself on a shelf by the coat stand. They look out at me – arm in arm, indivisible – from within a silver filigree frame. It is a photograph which brings me little in the way of gentle memory. I check my wristwatch.

Now, it is nine o’clock…

And now, a quarter past nine…


Miss Flood knocks and enters.

"Oh, this was so sad. But beautifully written." - RA
"Really loved this story. Elegant, spare, expressive ... a real pleasure to read." - MH
"Bravo! A jewel." - SP
"A beautifully-written piece which I much enjoyed." - RJP

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