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December 2022

The new version of Double Bubble, my one-act comedy, was published by Stagescripts in early December.

Dee Sadler as Lois & Fiona Tong as Gina



A one-act comedy

In some ways Gina and Lois are very much the same. In other ways, they couldn’t be more different.

Gina is a career woman whose company provides ‘high-level digital solutions to meet low-level logistical challenges’ – although she may not be entirely sure what this means. Her new boss, James, is causing her problems and it’s plain that she’s more than a little stressed. 

Lois has a low-level job in a department whose function is to answer the telephone and listen to customers’ complaints – although the main customer complaint is that no one answers the telephone. As a consequence, she feels worthless and undervalued.
But Gina and Lois have been friends for years and, until recently, have always had each other to lean on. However, it’s been several months now since they last had coffee together. The reason? The ‘misunderstanding’ over Bruno.

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