> > From This Day Forward at the OSO

July 2023

From This Day Forward, my new full-length play, was performed at the OSO Arts Centre from 19th to 23rd July.

Annie, Kate, Gillie, Tom & Bev



Set in an alternate reality, three couples meet in a state-run facility and have just a few hours to make a decision that will change their lives. But can happiness really be mandated by the government?


TOM - Jeremy Drakes
KATE - Julia Haythorn
ANNIE - Joanna Strafford
BEV - Olivia Gibbs-Fairley
SARAH - Fiona Tong
JIM - Gregory Cox
GILLIE - Sophie Morris-Sheppard

Directed by Maurice Thorogood
Produced by Julia Haythorn
Sound & Lighting by Rachael Bellis
Photography by Paddy Gormley

The OSO Arts Centre, Barnes, SW13