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February 2013

A new version of my short play, Gardening Leave, was performed as part of the AWL Showcase on 25th February.

Gregory Cox as Bob and Paul Antony-Barber as Tom


Gardening Leave

Bob: The first thing I want to say is this. I need to get back in the saddle.

Tom: The saddle?

Bob: Yes. I need to get back in it. Good to have a little gardening leave once in a while. Wonderful, in fact. Chance to re-focus. Regroup. Recuperate. But now I need to pick up the reins. Take the helm. Grab hold of the joystick. Work. I need to work, Tom. It's not the money, although - You see work for me is a compulsion. An imperative. A compulsive imperative if you like. It's something I have to do. Work is my life, Tom ...



BOB - Gregory Cox
TOM - Paul Antony-Barber
FIONA - Lucy Appleby