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January 2023

Gardening Leave & Titus Returns, both performed at The White Bear in June, have been published by Stagescripts.


Mike Duran & Fiona Tong in Titus Returns




Bob’s in a bit of a pickle. He’s on ‘gardening leave’ and has been since his company ‘let him go’ a few months back. For Bob, work is everything and he’s desperate ‘to get back in the saddle’ – which is why he’s arranged to meet Tom, the friend of a friend, in a West End club. Can Tom help Bob? Well, that remains to be seen …

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When after 20 years of marriage, Rob leaves Jen for a younger woman, it’s painful but reasonably civilised. The problem is Titus, the cat they both adore, who seems to have gone walkabout. Luckily their old friend, Ian, brings Titus home and all is well. Or is it? They say that when one door closes, another door opens, but this isn’t always true. What follows becomes horribly complicated. Finally, it’s obvious that everything depends on Titus.

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