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October 2018

My talk on Godfrey's Ghost was given at a literary luncheon at the RAC Club, Woodcote Park, Surrey, on 16th October.



“This is one of the most tender portraits of a parent I have ever read. An extraordinarily poignant and emotionally honest account. There were some bits that made me cry, others that made me laugh out loud."
- PAUL DONOVAN, Author and radio columnist, The Sunday Times

"This is the ultimate act of filial piety - a book about a father by a son, created for a third generation so that the future can treasure the past. It is affecting, corrective, unflinching, full of love and tenderness but honest and even, at times, beady-eyed. There is nothing skin-deep about this study: it is all the better for its sometimes uncomfortable honesty."
- TIM HEALD, The Tablet, 19 September 2009

“A fitting tribute to Arnold Ridley OBE, soldier, playwright, actor, inspiration for dear old Private Godfrey.”
- JIMMY PERRY, Creator and writer of Dad’s Army

“A labour of love in every sense. A very moving testament to a fascinating man.”
- NICK POLLARD, Former Head of Sky News


♦ Godfrey's Ghost: From Father to Son

♦ RAC Club Woodcote Park