> > Heaven & Hell Night NLA

June 2019

Heaven & Hell Night was performed script-in-hand at North London Actors' New Writing Showcase on 11th June.




LOIS - Helen Rogers

GINA - Bella Nash

IZZY - Lesley Acheson

DIRECTED by Kenneth Michaels

*** *** ***

Lois We always go clubbing on Fridays.

Gina Yes / but —

Lois And it’s ‘Heaven & Hell Night’.

Gina I know but —

Lois ‘Heaven & Hell Night’, Gina. It’s mental. A real laugh.

Gina It wasn’t much of a laugh last time.

Lois No, well ... That was those mad bitches from St Ursula’s. Bloody convent girls! They’ll pick a fight with anyone.

Gina That poor policeman. ‘He sustained life-changing injuries.’

Lois No, he didn’t

Gina No ... but that’s what they say, isn’t it? ‘He sustained life-changing injuries.'

Lois Not if he didn’t, they don’t.


♦ Running time: approximately 12 minutes

♦ To request a copy of the script or enquire about performance rights,
email: nwm.ridley@gmail.com