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December 2013

My Christmas sketch Ho! Oh! No! was performed at the North London Actors' All Star Night in Tufnell Park on 11th December.


Ho! Oh! No!

A Christmas absurdity


Rudo - Kenneth Michaels
Nico - Michael Murray
Directed by Gareth Pilkington

NICO:    Couldn't you?
RUDO:  Couldn't I ... ?
NICO:    Say it for me.
RUDO:  Your Christmas message?
NICO:    Yes. Couldn't you?
RUDO:  I don't know what you came to say.
NICO:    I could tell you.
RUDO:  But it's your Christmas message. Deemed suitable by the committee. Your suitable Christmas message.

If you would like to see a copy of the script, please contact: nwm.ridley@gmail.com