> > Holly, Polly, Tom, Dick & Harry AWL

December 2013

Holly, Polly, Tom, Dick & Harry was performed as part of the AWL spring competition ('Grapevine') on 16th March.

Lee Peck, Simon Brandon and Eleanor Cox



Cast in order of appearance:

Tom - Lee Peck
Holly - Eleanor Cox
Dick - James Price
Harry - Simon Brandon

Sound by Hedley England


HOLLY:   But you must remember ...
TOM:      What?
HOLLY:   It doesn't matter.
TOM:      What must I remember?
HOLLY:   Polly's dress.
TOM:      Polly's ... ?
HOLLY:   Dress. It was very eye-catching. What there was of it.

If you would like to see a copy of the script, please contact: nwm.ridley@gmail.com