> > Impspired Magazine Volume Six

September 2021

Walking Shadows was published in Impspired magazine Volume Six on 23rd September.



... Dear Bunny. He took a shine to me, you see. Invited me to join his company at the Theatre Royal. I’d always known I wanted to be an actor. Being myself had never felt quite enough. I wanted to be other people, too. Bunny had an eye for the boys. Boys — men — don’t interest me much but I was happy enough to play along for a while. It was all very innocent. For the first year there were three or four walk-on parts and I understudied all the male leads. Oh, the lines I learnt and never had the chance to speak. Bunny would sit in the stalls, watching rehearsals and smoking a huge Havana cigar. Dear Bunny Montague. Long since dead, of course ...