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June 2012

My short story, Moose-head and Shrew, was published in the June issue of London's Litro magazine.

Misty graveyard scene


Moose-head and Shrew

A short story written under the name of Nichol Wilmor.


...  I might have gone home after the third game of sardines on Saturday night—my absence would not have been noticed by Clive or any of his braying, whinnying companions—had it not been for the late arrival of a charming house-guest: the doe-eyed girl ...


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"Litro is a little short stories magazine with a large worldview. We are pocket-sized so you can bring us anywhere – on the underground, alongside your morning coffee at your local cafe – to be enjoyed between your daily routines. Since 2006, we have been publishing monthly themed issues of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and though based in London, we aim to celebrate new, emerging and established writers from all over the world."


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