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July 2019

My short story, Losers, was published in The Magnolia Review - Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2019.

The Magnolia Review Volume 5 Issue 2



I open my eyes. Spears of afternoon sunlight stream through the window. Crumpled sheets. Puckered pillows. Yes, I think. I remember where I am.
—Seven letters, says Arianna. First letter ‘c’. Third letter ‘c’. Fourth letter ‘k’.
I prop myself up on one elbow.
—‘Cock’ something, I say. ‘Cockeye’? ‘Cockpit’?
She shakes her head.
—Seven letters.
—Oh, yes.
—Seventh letter ‘d’.
She’s sitting at her dressing-table, wrapped in a cream bath towel, the newspaper folded on her knee, chewing her pencil. This is Arianna. She is not a cosy lover. She has no patience with post-coital clinging ...

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