> > Mr Mouse's Munificent Gifts

December 2015

Mr Mouse's Munificent Gifts was performed as part of the AWL winter competition: 'Present' on 14th December.

Penelope Dudley & Paul Antony-Barber


A foolish farce ...


Miss Pringle, the assistant - Penelope Dudley

Mr Mouse, the customer - Paul Antony-Barber

Mr Whiting, the manager - Edmund Dehn

Directed by Kenneth Michaels

WHITING: Good morning, sir. How can I be of assistance?
PRINGLE: He wants to look at a necklace, Mr Whiting. I know we sell jewels. I didn't know we sold necklaces.
WHITING: Thank you, Miss Pringle. You may go.
PRINGLE: Where would you like me to go, Mr Whiting?
WHITING: (resisting the temptation) To the stock room, Miss Pringle. Go and tidy the stock room.
PRINGLE: Righty-ho, Mr Whiting. (beat) Where is the stock room?