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March 2015

Room Service was performed as part of the AWL spring competition ('A Knock at the Door') on 30th March.

Samantha Parry as 'Janet' & Keith Hill as 'Keith'



JANET: Don't you like my pyjamas?
KEITH: (hesitant) Well ...
JANET: Well?
KEITH: I prefer you in a nightdress. Something silky. Or floaty. Or clinging. Clinging's good.
JANET: Not pyjamas then.
KEITH: (explanatory) I just feel pyjamas can be a little 'mannish'.
JANET: You're saying I'm 'mannish'?
KEITH: No, Janet. I'm only saying -


Janet - Samantha Parry
Michael - Gregory Cox
Linda - Robin Miller
Keith - Keith Hill

Directed by Martin Cort