> > Rude Awakenings Kirkcudbright

March 2018

Rude Awakenings was performed by the Kirkudbright Parish Players, Kirkcudbright, on 23rd & 24th March.


Rude Awakenings - "Full of laughter with a tear or two!"


Set in a typical village - and easily staged with minimal props and scenery - ‘Rude Awakenings’ is a charming comedy which mixes both broad and subtle humour with truthful insights into the pain and pathos that can sometimes lie beneath the surface of village life.


ASTRID - Steph Mottram
PAULINE - Gabrielle Shields
HARRIET - Zanne Hannah
OLIVIA - Patsy Johnstone

Directed by MARY NEWTON

Full of laughter – with a tear or two – ‘Rude Awakening’s revolves around the loves, lives and losses of the four women whose stories are at the same time intriguing, entertaining and really rather moving.


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