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September 2016

JDJB Productions staged my one-act comedy Rude Awakenings at Stroud from 10th to 12th September. 


Everything normally runs so smoothly at the Little Gissing Art Group’s ‘Annual Exhibition and Competition’ in the Village Hall but this year it’s all going wrong. There are mishaps, misunderstandings, all sorts of complications and some really very shocking revelations!


Perfomed as part of the Fourth Stroud Theatre Festival.

ASTRID - Faye Clara Bishop
PAULINE - Rebecca Wingate Hill
OLIVIA - Dee Sadler
HARRIET - Jasmine Darke

Directed by CHRIS YAPP


A perfect one-act play for local drama groups, ‘Rude Awakenings’ has four strong and very different female parts:

 ASTRID - The youngest member of the Little Gissing Art Group
 PAULINE - Aged 50+ Long-term village resident & secretary of the Art Group
 OLIVIA - Aged 40+ A newcomer and weekend resident
 HARRIET - Aged 50+ Pauline’s old school friend from Godalming

Running time: 45 mins approx.

"Captivating, funny and really quite moving ...” 


♦♦♦ 'Rude Awakenings' is available from Stagescripts ♦♦♦