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October 2018

My short comedies, Six of One, were given a semi-staged rehearsed reading at the CAA, Covent Garden, on 3rd October.

The company at the CAA on 3rd October


A collection of six short comedies

A script-in-hand performance at the Concert Artistes' Association (CAA), 20 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London WC2 9HP


An apparently chance encounter between the Man and the Woman in the ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ section of a bookshop leads them down some distinctly odd paths to some frankly puzzling places. An absurdist drama or an exercise in role-play? Impossible to say with any certainty!

The Woman - Rosalind Adler
The Man - David Hampshire

Directed by Martin Cort


There’s a fair bit of farcical fun when a customer visits a jewellery shop to buy necklaces for the women in his life: his wife, his daughter and his mistress. He’s greeted by a clueless new assistant who’s no help at all, but fortunately the manager is at hand. He does everything he can to assist the customer but he won’t be duped. Or will he?

The Customer - Alexander Jonas
The Assistant - Samantha Parry
The Manager - Mansel David

Directed by Simone Vause


Anya is a high-achieving woman, who has splintered the glass ceiling. She is married to Edmund, a notably unsuccessful novelist and playwright, who’s not done much of anything. While Anya’s in New York, Edmund’s chance encounter with Cindy, who has recently been made homeless, leads to an unusual proposal and then a comically unexpected domestic arrangement.

Edmund - David Hampshire
Anya - Samantha Parry
Cindy - Crissy Mullen

Directed by Simone Vause


Two strangers meet at the funeral of a friend. ‘Jack’ knew him as ‘Tony’; ‘Polly’ knew him as ‘Anton’; Rev Pilchard, who conducted the service, didn’t know him at all. Anthony Wilson had charm, joie de vivre and a keen sense of humour. Jack and Polly will both miss him terribly but - as they discover - they each knew a different side of him. A bittersweet comedy about love and loss.

Timothy Pollard - Alexander Jonas
Jacqueline Abbot - Rosalind Adler

Directed by Simone Vause


Four characters are auditioning for a play which is soon to be written by England’s ‘greatest living dramatist’. Salome, Boudicca and King Arnold all believe they have a strong case for being the star of the show, but Hamlet has his doubts. A comic frolic with a surprising twist.

Personal assistant - Crissy Mullen
Younger actor - Luke Francis
Older actor - Mansel David
Older actress - Samantha Parry
Younger actress - Sophie Morris-Sheppard

Directed by Martin Cort


It’s the morning after the night before. Holly remembers exactly what happened. Dick and Harry think they know but do they? For Tom it’s a total blank. What did he do? What did he say? More importantly, what did Holly say? A comedy that might so easily have ended badly!

Tom - Luke Francis
Polly - Sophie Morris-Shepphard
Dick - Mansel David
Harry - David Hampshire

Directed by Martin Cort


Lighting & Sound - Terry Perkins

Stage Manager - Annie Dodd


♦ Six of One is available from Stagescripts