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November 2018

Three of my scripts Gardening Leave, Bee All, End All and Swinging are now available through Smith Scripts.


Bob is on ‘gardening leave’ but he’s anxious ‘to get back in the saddle’. Work is Bob’s life. For him, it’s an imperative, a compulsion. What is life without a job? It has to be the right job, of course. That’s not to say that money isn’t important. And although there’s no urgency, sooner would be much, much better than later. Which is why his meeting with Tom in a West End club is so important. Can Tom point Bob in the right direction? Better still, does Tom have any openings himself? The problem is … Well, there are lots of problems. Mistaken identity, cross purposes, a surprising revelation and a terrible let-down, for which free theatre tickets – gold dust though they may be – isn’t really sufficient recompense.

(cast: 2m + 1f / running time: approximately 25 minutes)
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Six ‘waiters’ – the clue is in the title – pass the time as best they can. They don’t know who SHE will choose, how she makes her choice or why. All that’s certain is that one of them will be chosen. And then another. And then another. It may be now; it may be later. In the meantime, worrying won’t help. A dark, dystopian allegory in a post patriarchal world

(cast: 6m + 1f / running time: approximately 12 minutes)
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Sonia and Will have been having ‘difficulties’ but is the ‘mixed doubles’ evening in Paradise Close (where what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom) going to provide the answer? Among the other couples, Nancy wants to empower women in an androcentric world while Gareth is keen to ‘experiment’. Nigel is on a mission to find his ‘inner sex god’ and Ingrid hates being left in the house alone. Geraldine is currently into ‘femdom’ but Ivo is a romantic monogamist. Things could go right or very wrong. It’s the luck of the draw. Should Sonia and Will wait to find out? A gently risqué comedy.
(cast: 4f + 4m / running time: approximately 12 minutes)
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