> > The Mistress Bedroom Salisbury Fringe

October 2015

The Mistress Bedroom had two performances in the Salisbury Fringe "Short Cuts" at The Cloisters on 3rd October.

Tori Deffee, Mark Honan and Kerry Stockwell




Anya - Tori Deffee
Cindy - Kerry Stockwell
Edmund - Mark Honan

Directed by Pete Talman

* * * * * *

Anya: (severe) Have you done this sort of thing before, Edmund?

Edmund: What?

Anya: ‘Taken your woolly poodle for a walk round the block.’

Edmund: What? (shocked realisation) No. Certainly not! It’s not the sort of thing I’d do. I’m not – well – hugely interested in sex.

Anya: I’d noticed.

Edmund: You said you didn’t mind.

Anya: Did I?

* * * * * *