> > The Reigning Miss Morocco

November 2019

My story, The Reigning Miss Morocco, was published in the Arachne Press anthology, Departures, on 21st November.

Portrait of the author 1970 / 1971



Stories and poems of leaving and going adrift, being left behind, taking wrong turns, stepping out of the everyday and making splendid leaps into the dark.

ISBN: 978-1-909208-74-2




Unlikely as it might seem, I was once engaged to the reigning Miss Morocco. It’s a story I like to tell whenever I’m given the opportunity. I usually open by saying — a little ungallantly — that the competition hadn’t been staged for several years. Nonetheless, being once engaged to the reigning Miss Morocco isn’t something everyone can claim. What’s more — most improbably — it has the merit of being true. Or that was what I believed at the time ...


To be continued ...