> > Turnaround at NLA

October 2019

My 20-minute play, Turnaround, had a semi-staged reading by NLA at Chapel Playhouse, King's Cross, on 5th October.




POTTER Gregory Cox

ARTEMIS Samantha Parry

Directed by MANSEL DAVID

The outgoing Chairman of Siskin & Mooney meets the incoming CEO ...

Artemis Your top line growth stalled some time ago. Your market share has collapsed. Your costs have soared.
Potter You’re painting a very black picture …
Artemis Siskin & Mooney is on its knees. Its last legs. It’s reached the end of the road. It’s teetering on the brink of disaster.
Potter Well, yes. I suppose you could say that.
Artemis It’s in the Emergency Room. The last gasp saloon.
Potter The last chance saloon.
SFX Bleep.
Artemis Correction. The last chance saloon.
Potter I’d prefer to think of the company as taking a well-earned breather on a park bench in the late afternoon.