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January 2024

The script of Were You Anyone Before, Private Godfrey?, my play about Arnold Ridley, was released in January.

Lance-Corporal William Arnold Ridley




Were You Anyone Before, Private Godfrey? is a two-act play based on the life and career of the author, actor and playwright, Arnold Ridley.

Today Arnold Ridley is best remembered as the actor who played the much-loved character, Private Godfrey, in Dad's Army, one of the nation's favourite situation comedies.

Earlier generations knew him as the author of the immensely successful comdey-thriller, The Ghost Train, and a string of other West End plays.

Were You Anyone Before, Private Godfrey? is the life-affirming story of a remarkable man who, faced with more than his share of life's vicissitudes, met both succees and catastrophe with courage, resilience and good humour.

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the script while it is still available, please email Nicolas Ridley.