> > What Now 12X10

September 2015

My play What Now was given a second script-in-hand performance at OPEN Ealing's "12X10" on 27th September.




Woman: Mary Drake

Man: Edmund Dehn

Directed by Anthony Shrubshall


Man: The first ‘self-help’ book was by Samuel Smiles. First published by John Murray in 1859.

Woman: What was it called?

Man: ‘Self-Help.’

Woman: Really?

Man: I believe so. (beat) An Englishman visiting the Khedive’s palace in Egypt was struck by the legends that were written on the walls and asked where they came from. The Khedive replied: ‘They are quotations from Smeelis’ book ‘Self-Help’. You must know Smeelis. His texts are better than those from the Koran!’

Woman:That can’t be true.

Man: No. But it is.