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Made For Each Other


Marriage is a tricky business. Or can be, for a year or two, while you find out who it is you’ve married. Sex may sometimes smooth the path. Although sex can be tricky, too.



Ned & Grace. Grace & Ned.

We are made for each other, thought Ned. What’s more, Father will approve. Or would. If approval were in his nature.

‘Remember, Edwin,’ Father had told him. ‘Most women are dangerously — yes — dangerously mad.’

It was the only thing Father had told him about women — or about anything else really — which is why Ned remembered it. He might have asked Father if Mother, too, had been ‘dangerously mad’. But Father didn’t talk about Mother. Ever.

Ned was certain he was safe with Grace. Grace wasn’t mad. No. Grace was plainly, palpably, incontestably sane ...


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