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Alphabets & Angels

One-act comedy

Cast: 2f + 1m or 2f + 1m

Running time: 35 minutes approximately





SIMON - early/mid 30s, an easygoing EFL teacher

HILARY - mid/late 30s, a smart business executive

MR / MRS LERIOS - 50s/60s, the hotel manager


Their last morning together. Or is it? Has the week that Hilary and Simon have spent in Greece been nothing more than a holiday romance, or is it something serious?

They couldn’t be more different. Simon teaches English to foreign students and is, he admits, a wanderer who has had a good many relationships and is hopelessly unfocused.

Hilary, meanwhile, is a high-powered business woman and a ‘completer-finisher’. Having finished a long-term relationship in England, is her time with Simon now complete?

The moment has come for them to bare their souls and unload their emotional baggage. But Simon still has a very significant question which Hilary has been oddly reluctant to answer ...


First performed (as Baggage) at AWL (Actors and Writers London), Hammersmith on 20th May 2013

Also performed at Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath 13th-16th April 2016 & Brass Works Theatre, Warmley, Bristol 19th-23rd July 2016 


Script and details of performance rights from the publishers:

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