> > > An Account Of Six Poisonings

An Account Of Six Poisonings

Dramatic monologue

Cast: 1m

Running time: 15 minutes approximately


Robert Jezek as the Court's Poisoner




"My sign was the pestle and mortar. My knowledge was roots and seeds, vines and leaves, bulbs and berries. I was a grinder, a blender, a crusher, a mulcher; I was a master of tubers. I mixed the tinctures and measured the powders that might cure or kill. A single grain may be the difference between health and death. Mine was a calling. A position of trust. I was the court's poisoner." 

The court's poisoner has agreed to give his account of events but it is a dark tale that can neither be spoken of nor shared. After the King's death, events tumble and turn around 'earthy' Queen Utrica, her two sons, frail and feeble Hector and roaring,  blood-bespattered Cyril, the besotted Rosalnd and the Great Turk's captivating daughter, Fatima. It's a story doesn't end well. Not for anyone ...


First read at Liars' League, London, on 13th April 2010

Also performed at North London Actors, 14th December 2011, performed at Actors and Writers London, 28th May 2012, performed at MaD festival, ADC Cambridge, 3rd June 2012, published by Arachne Press in Weird Lies, 2013, read at The Speakeasy, Bath, 28th April 2016.


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