> > > Double Bubble

Double Bubble

Short comedy

Cast: 2f

Running time: 25 minutes approximately


Bethany Springall and Megan Pemberton



GINA - mid- / late-thirties, pencil-thin, smartly dressed in a business suit
LOIS - mid- / late-thirties, full-figured, comfortably-dressed in charity-shop clothes

It's been months and months since Lois and Gina had coffee together and they've missed each other terribly. Their 'misunderstanding' was most unfortunate but the past is the past. Water under the bridge and so on. After all, sex isn't everything, is it? Besides, each of them has momentous news to share with the other. It looks as if things have worked out wonderfully well. However, there is one slight problem ...

First performed at AWL (Actors and Writers London), Hammersmith on 25th March 2013

Extended versions also performed at North London Actors, Tufnell Park, London 28th August 2013, Theatre N16, Balham, London on 13th May 2016, Brass Works Theatre, Warmley, Bristol, 19th-23rd July 2016, The Southwark Playhouse, London, 9th April 2017, ADP, Manchester 30th April 2018


To request a copy of the script or to enquire about performance rights,
please email: nwm.ridley@gmail.com