> > > If As We Were Walking

If As We Were Walking

Two-act drama

Cast: 3m + 1f

Running time: 2 hours approximately

Peter Sutton as Max and Anne Rutter as Anna



MAX LUFT - a retired school teacher, in his mid-60s
ANNA LUFT - his wife, in her early- / mid-60s
DR FISCHER - their family doctor, also in his early- / mid-60s
DR BRANDT - his colleague, in his early- / mid-40s

The play is set in an unnamed European city in a period that is neither the past nor the present when, under strict regulation, 'approved termination' is available to those suffering from terminal physical or mental conditions. The play's central character, Max, is blessed - or perhaps cursed - with an exceptional memory. Receiving an early diagnosis of dementia, he tries to disguise his symptoms both from himself and from others. The dilemma is that, in order to adhere to the official regulations, a sufferer's faculties must be 'sufficiently unimpaired' to allow a 'rational decision' to be made. The danger is that, by clinging to life, the sufferer may leave it too late to apply for an approved termination and the opportunity to take control of one's fate will be lost.


First performed at AWL (Actors and Writers London), Hammersmith, on 2nd December 2013

Also performed at the CAA (Concert Artistes Association), Covent Garden, on 23rd October 2014


To request a copy of the script or to enquire about performance rights,
please email: nwm.ridley@gmail.com