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March 2022

My short story, Losers, was read by Edmund Dehn as part of the AWLextra Zoom programme on 29th March.


Edmund Dehn




—Edward de Bono, I say. The proponent of lateral thinking. There’s a puzzle in one of his books. What was it? 111 players enter a knock-out tennis competition. How many matches will have to be played to produce a winner? You may see the answer right away but I didn’t. My first thought was how thoroughly irritating that the organisers should allow 111 players to enter. Why not insist on a neater number? 128 or 64 would have tapered down tidily to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and then the final itself. Counting the number of matches would have been child’s play.

Losers was first read at Liars’ League (Small & Beautiful Flash Fiction) on 10th April 2018, and published in The Magnolia Review, Volume 5 Issue 2, in July 2019